Monday, January 22, 2007

Sketches du Jour: Sojourner Truth and Raven's Wings

I sketched these last year (it seems like I had so much time, or was frustrated more often, back then--sketching is a great stress reliever, besides being an image bank or visual reference builder).

I've been thinking of doing a painting of Sojourner Truth for a long time now; I've always admired her ever since I read her poem, "Ain't I a Woman?" on a poster a teacher of mine had in his classroom.

The raven's wings (the second wing is in shadows), with no irony intended, was a study for future work involving raven wings.

The two sketches are to make up for the one I missed yesterday.

It would be great to have new daily sketches in my sketchpad, and I do--but they're far rougher than before. They're the bare scratchings of an idea, more to get rid of their burdensome weight in my head than to put down a full-fledged concept. Where the concepts get worked out is on my canvas--it keeps my paintings lively, spontaneous, and fun. I like to surprise myself.

Thanks again for joining me on this adventure!

Take care,

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